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Gina Martyn First Officer Southwest Airlines, Colorado


I got my light plane wings back! Thanks to Woman Wise Awesome Adventures and a very patient instructor, this lapsed small plane pilot now feels comfortable IN the mountains (as opposed to 20,000’ above them) and in a 182 again! Adventures logged during the mountain focused weekend were landing at the second and fourth toughest mountain airports in the US (Aspen and Glenwood Springs), figuring out a bunch of mountain passes, and remembering how to use a tow bar (don’t have to push around my 737). I really needed this weekend—where I learned to fly, high altitude was going over 6,000’, and we did it rarely. Here, I started at 6,882’ above sea level, and we went up from there! Lots of adventures to follow, now that I’ve finally re-opened this particular door!

Tracey Brightman, New Hampshire, Student Pilot


I wanted to write and tell you what an amazing, educational and inspiring weekend I had at the WWaa. I felt truly honored to be there. I went to the weekend thinking that I had ...  (a) "strike" against me for the start: ... was that I didn't have my Private Pilot's Certification (yet)...The seminars...were incredibly informative and interesting. I felt a spark light up in me as I listened to "Tips on flying in the Back country" by two well known backcountry pilots. And then to go flying in the back country! I am still talking about that and showing pictures to everyone. 

I was ...lucky enough to hear one of Christina's seminars and I truly felt inspired and thankful to be able to do that. Christina has a way of making you feel like you can say "YES!" to any goals or dreams that you have for yourself. I left feeling like I was at full throttle and had just released the brakes!

And, lastly, to be surrounded by all these highly accomplished women pilots--needless to say, I was pretty much speechless at being able to be in their company. 

I left WWaa with a newfound commitment to aviation and to learning as much as I could--not only as a pilot, but other endeavors in my life as well. 

Thank you, Christina

Jen Pinkowski CFII, MEI, Virginia


I absolutely loved WWAA. When I went I was mostly wanting to get as much Mountain Flying Experience as I could as well as get some Inspiration again. My life took an unexpected turn so at the time  I was trying to regroup. I think what helped the most for me was the camaraderie or just being able to meet other women who are also trying to accomplish something. I thought it was a great place to connect with others while also finding connection with oneself and have fun as well! As an Instructor I would recommend this definitely for students who maybe are intimidated or are trying to structure how to achieve their goals as well as gain encouragement in whatever stage they are at in training. I recommend Instructors go because it helped remind me as well as show me what students are nervous about, curious about etc. Sometimes I get caught in the rush of teaching and forget to take a step back and see how the student may be feeling about something.

Wilma Melville, Santa Paula, CA RV10 & Citabria


Although I've been to a wide variety of seminars, the Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure had a quality to it that I've not expressed before. There was a graciousness to the event. New thoughts were easily expressed and accepted while there was an appreciation for pushing into new frontiers. The women in attendance represented a large cross section of aviation with experience levels from a new trainee to a retired air force gal now flying a King Air part time. There's much to be gained from an association with these dynamic women.

Lisa Martin, CFI I MEI Primary, Seaplanes, Backcountry, Idaho


Enthusiasm for the future is bubbling over me since attending this camp-on-steroids. A whole new outlook is more brightly coloring my horizon. Most noticeably, I hadn’t realized how lonely I was. I had resigned myself to the idea that my female friends would not share the freedom, the calming effect or the confidence boosting effect that wings, my own wings, have imprinted on my psyche. I joyfully appreciate women friends who enjoy going along for an airplane ride. Yet, upon arriving home from Smiley Creek, the thought or phrase I most often cannot suppress is, “I’m not alone!” I don’t mean to imply any negative gender bias. I have not had a single, negative experience in any interaction with pilots who are men. In fact, I’ve often felt guilty because so many have gone so far above and beyond what I expected to mentor me towards proficiency and even excellence. Any oppressive forces I have met have simply been battles I’ve fought in my own mind as I look around me and see, most often, no other pilots that “look” like me (female). I had long before silenced that voice within that would tell me, “Maybe this isn’t the right place for you.” But still, now I know, I am not alone. My heart dances every time I say it! In addition to this new concept, I was very surprised to come to the understanding that my extreme caution, my habit of thinking every detail to death, my easy dependence on my highly talented and experienced husband as my back seat insurance policy is merely a rosy twist on “fear of failure.” It hit me while at Smiley Creek as I explained to another attendee that I always work so hard to do everything right (and so confine myself to easy ability) because I “never want anyone to say of me, ‘Stupid woman.’” And that is a hyperbolic thought that, if left uncorrected, would ensure I never reach any higher than mediocrity. I must challenge myself, albeit in a smart manner, to improve and excel. This realization was supported by Christina’s motivational leadership and by flying stories other women, who were not afraid to “bump it up” a notch, told round the campfire. I certainly am not a person, nor should anyone be, to blindly jump off a cliff, but I can keep on “bumping it up.” The Woman Wise Airmanship Adventure has bumped my mental toughness up a good 10 notches…and my spirit is soaring. I’ll be back, God willing.

Lisa Martin - Wyoming

Wendy Lessig, Former CFI, SuperCub, Utah


I really enjoyed the Women Wise Aviation event. It's not often that women get together to fly together and trade hangar stories. The smaller group allowed the chance to get to know the fellow pilots better. I liked the combination of flying and symposium presentations. The WWaa weekend gave a lot of food for thought, for making changes and improvements in my flying adventures and life, in general. It was really fun to be able to share some of the spectacular Idaho back country airstrips with new friends for the first time. 

Looking forward to next year's event. 

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Aileen Coverdale, Private Pilot. Washington


Women Wise Awesome Adventures hosted by Christina Tindle transformed my flying confidence! I had the great opportunity to attend the June 2019 adventure at Cascade Idaho. My goal was to gain some self-assurance in my flying ability and with several options available (back country flying, seaplane experience and spin and upset recovery to name a few) I chose spin and seaplane training. By stepping out of my Cessna 172 box and into an Extra 300 and Piper PA-12 seaplane I learned that I easily can apply my pilot abilities to different aircraft.

Christina took the time to find wonderful instructors that were personable and supportive to a group of women wanting to learn and fly. The spotlight speaker, Jackie Warda, is a top female aerobatics pilot that provided an insight that it is never too late to pursue your passions. I appreciated the afternoon seminars where the group could discuss their accomplishments of the morning and file their Life-Flight Plans establishing goals to work towards with our flying. The participants were of every level of pilot from student to long time instructors. Each provided a perspective that we all appreciated and could still learn from each other.

Other activities were made available that enabled the group to have some other “fun”. Many of the attendees had a first-class massage and found our creative side with dancing and painting. The friendships made will certainly last a lifetime.

I personally came away from this Awesome Adventure with a new-found LOVE for aerobatics and a determination in expanding my piloting abilities with other aircraft. I have already signed up for the September 2019 session and have recommended the program to all my flying friends. Are you ready for an AWESOME ADVENTURE?

Danielle Worthy, CFII MEI Montana


I honestly was a little nervous about the whole endeavor but just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the whole week. It was so incredible and I feel so much more inspired as a pilot. I am already passing on so much knowledge to my students. I am also realizing how important it is to have fun  when flying. So I am making that much more of a priority in instruction and it is not only keeping my fire going but also inspiring my students. 

 I think the most amazing part of WWAA is the personal touch. I was so impressed by the time Christina took to get to know each individual. I believe this allowed her to get together a very diverse group of people of varying backgrounds and abilities in a way that everyone felt welcome and left feeling inspired. Not only is it an awesome opportunity to make new friends, see beautiful places and have an incredible time, but you will leave the week filling full of self confidence due to a new found self awareness that Christina has so terrifically allowed you to find for yourself. 

CFII, MEI Sue Mosher, Colorado



Student Pilot, Washington



CFI, Maine



Tara Strassburg, Private Pilot, Maine


WWaa was an incredible experience, and I highly recommend it to women of all abilities and all ages. I had the unique opportunity to attend with a fellow pilot friend from my local airport (hi Rose!), and we had such a wonderful time! I came to WWaa with a lot of fears (fear of flying solo, specifically) with the intention of building the confidence I needed to fly solo and gaining the tools to continue this journey beyond Cascade and back home. Mission accomplished! The class work and conversations with Christina and my fellow female pilots helped me realize that not only was I not alone in my feelings, but also how to navigate them and push through the fears. Daily flying in the SuperCub with Lisa further reinforced not only my skills but also how much FUN flying could be, especially in the backcountry!! I left WWaa feeling energized, confident, and ready to fly. And equally as important, I left WWaa with Rose knowing my fears and helping me face them, an accountability friend is always good to have! The day after we arrived home, Rose called me up and had me meet her at the airport ... and guess what? I solo’d the SuperCub!! I haven’t looked back since and have had many fun adventures in the SuperCub with Rose, with my husband, and solo. I am so thankful and so grateful for the opportunity to attend WWaa and look forward to attending next year!