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Rich Stowell, Idaho


Phone: 805-218-0161


Biennial Flight Review
Tail Wheel
Spin, emergency maneuver, and basic aerobatic training.

Christine Mortine-Ohio


DPE, Certified Cirrus Instructor, backcountry flight instruction in YOUR aircraft only. $75/hour.

Sight-seeing rides in her Cessna 185, not instruction. $175/hour

May take 2-3 passengers to split sight-seeing costs.

Christine, Soprano, was founder/music director of Columbus Bach Ensemble orchestra for 6 years. She has a B.A. of music (Voice), bachelor of music education, , and a masters in music performance. After 25 years of a music career, Christin turned from conducting and playing instruments to flying. She is a full time flight instructor and Recreational Aviation Foundation Liaison for Ohio. She volunteers with FAASTeam, 99s, Professional Pilots Assoc, Angel Flights, EAA,  Columbus Symphony Orchestra, and WOSU Public Media TV/Radio.

Lisa Martin-Idaho


Coeur d’Alene Seaplanes offers Private and Commercial Seaplane ratings in our  Piper Cub Super Cruiser, from May 1st to October 1st. The seaplane is based in Bayview, Idaho in Scenic Bay. 

We also offer tailwheel transition, spin training, snow ski flying and backcountry/mountain flying in a Piper Super Cub.

The backcountry airstrips, mountains, lakes and rivers in North Idaho offer an excellent training environment, beautiful and challenging for both the PA12-S Super Cruiser Seaplane and the PA18-150 Super Cub on wheels in the summer or skis in the winter.

Glenn Smith-Idaho


Coeur d’Alene Seaplanes offers Private and Commercial Seaplane ratings in our  Piper Cub Super Cruiser, from May 1st to October 1st. The seaplane is based in Bayview, Idaho in Scenic Bay. 

We also offer tailwheel transition, spin training, snow ski flying and backcountry/mountain flying in a Piper Super Cub.

The backcountry airstrips, mountains, lakes and rivers in North Idaho offer an excellent training environment, beautiful and challenging for both the PA12-S Super Cruiser Seaplane and the PA18-150 Super Cub on wheels in the summer or skis in the winter.

Ken Larson-Idaho


Phone: 208-263-0326
Airplane provided? Yes

Tail Wheel
Upset Recovery Training 

Bob Del Valle-Idaho


 My C182A and C170B located at (1S6) Priest River Airport. I also train pilots out of (KSZT) Sandpoint Airport and throughout Idaho, Washington and Montana.

I'm a full time flight instructor providing pilot training for private pilot, tail wheel, high performance and complex aircraft. I specialize in high altitude mountain training and bush flying skills. See: 970-846-5140

Airplane provided? Yes

Biennial Flight Review
Tail Wheel
Back Country
Mountain familiarization training.

Fred Williams-Idaho and Nevada


Fred soloed and owned his first aircraft at sixteen. At eighteen, he strapped his backpack into a '46 Taylorcraft and flew it to a meadow in the shadow of Mt Whitney for a weekend of hiking. When it was time to break camp, he tied the plane to a tree, hand-propped it, and flew home. Thus began a lifetime of adventure.

Later, at college, Fred taught a Mountain Rescue course and founded Moonstone, a brand of outdoor equipment and apparel that grew to worldwide distribution. Now, after forty plus years of outdoor and aviation experience, Fred is delighted to share the adventure of flying with both novices and the experienced aviators alike.

Stacey Burdell-Idaho



Primary and backcountry flight instruction

Licensed in 1992, CFII, MEI based in Caldwell Idaho, Backcountry Pilot, Crop Duster and Office of Aircraft Services Card (Govt Contract Approved Pilot)

$70/Hour Instruction

C182 $180

$250/hour backcountry instruction

Stacey Budell


Delta Land, LLC


Cammie Patch-Idaho


Phone: 208-869-7450

Text: 208-869-7450

Cammie@glasscockpitaviation.comRatings             ExperienceCFI/CFII/MEI/AGITail WheelGyroplane CFIATPA&P/IALSRM(Airplane/Glider/Powered Parachute/Weight-Shift Trike)Rotax Maintenance Technician

Cammie is owner and chief flight instructor at Glass Cockpit Aviation. She has been a full-time instructor since October 2000, and has instructed in over 60  models of aircraft. Prior to that she was the assistant manager and instructor at the Dover Air Force Base Flight Training Center. She has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, and eight years of experience in the U.S. Coast Guard as a law enforcement officer; Boarding Officer, Explosives Loading Supervisor on commercial cargo ships, and an Oil Pollution Investigator.

Her students often comment that her style of instruction is enjoyable; a patient and effective teacher, able to communicate clearly with a wide variety of methods.

Cammie has given over 6000 hours of instruction, and currently is an FAA designated Gold Seal Instructor, and a NAFI designated Master Flight Instructor from 2003 - 2007. She is a Cirrus and Columbia (Cessa Corvalis, TTX, T240) Factory Trained Instructor, specializing in accelerated training programs for instrument, commercial, CFI and CFII students, single & multi-engine, as well as instrument proficiency checks, and gyroplane instruction. She is type-rated in Citation Mustangs, and is a FAASTeam Representative, and the former chief flight instructor for the Cessna Advanced Aircraft Club. She has a career student pass rate of over 90%.

In addition to the flying side of the business, Cammie is also an Airframe & Powerplant mechanic with Inspection Authorization (A&P/IA), and a Certified Rotax Heavy Technician, certified to perform any Rotax maintenance short of an overhaul. She has built numerous AutoGyro aircraft, and is deeply into an RV-7A aircraft building project.

Kurt Becker Idaho & Washington


Retired pilot/biologist with overs 18,000 hrs of flight time, the majority in single engine fixed wing planes in remote mountainous terrain.  Specialize in professional, personalized instruction with an emphasis on wise stewardship and wilderness dependent flying.  Float, tail wheel, complex and ski equipped aircraft available or receive instruction in your plane.  Real world flying without the fluff.  Based in SW and Central Idaho and Northern Washington or come to you.  

Phone: 208-630-4331

Airplane provided? Yes

Biennial Flight Review
Tail Wheel
Back Country
Single engine Sea, Amphib, complex, high performance, skis,

Sue Mosher-Colorado


The thing I am most proud of is to say I am a pilot.  The first time I tried to get my  Private in 1980, I quit after 3 lessons because of  bad instruction,  The 2nd  time I quit after a bad solo experience.  I tired again in 1984.  With the support of my new pilot husband and a patient instructor I passed my Private Pilot check ride in July 1985, one month after we bought our first airplane.  I now hold a Multi-engine ATP, Commercial SEL and SES license and passed my CFI in Feb 2001 to which I have added CFII and MEI certificates.  I have over 4300 hrs total time including 2300 hours of instruction.  I have extensive mountain flying experience throughout the Rocky Mountain West including two trips to Alaska. I have owned a Cherokee 235, Turbo Saratoga RG and a share in a Seneca III that  I currently teach out of in Steamboat Springs CO’s Bob Adams Field. Plus, I am a member of the local flying club. Also I earned my Remote Pilot License fall of 2018.

Danielle Worthy-Wyoming


Phone: 208-309-2731

Licensed in 2005, I am a CFI working in Missoula, MT. 

Airplane Provided: C172 XP



Biennial Flight Review 
Introductory Back Country 

Jer/ Eberhard- Colorado


Jer/ (Slash) Eberhard, Mountain Flying Aviation, LTD, Ft Collins, CO

970-231-6325 CELL

CFII Airplane/Seaplane/Glider/Tail Wheel, FAA-DEN FAASTeam Representative

Airplane Yes:  Cessna 206 $200/Hour + Instruction: $75/Hour,

2019 prices subject to change.

Can take 3 at a time, rotating seats, sharing hourly costs.

Mountain and Backcountry flight instruction available in Colorado,

Idaho and Utah.  Do you want to experience COLORADO: Four Corners,

Gunnison, Salida, Leadville, Steamboat Springs, Marble, Aspen,

Telluride; IDAHO: Moose Creek, Cabin Creek, Big Creek, Soldier

Bar; UTAH: Lake Powell Bullfrog Basin, Page, Bryce Canyon, Moab

and other places?  We can go!

Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue Check-pilot, over 9800 hours,

over 5000 dual given, 1000 glider.  Flying is FUN!

Nick Grachain- Idaho


Nicholas Grachanin 

Soloed at 16 years old, lifetime of flying with 6,000 hrs. of flight instruction and 7,000 hrs. Part 135 turbine, multi-engine. SAR coordinator.

Clearwater Valley Aero Inc.

Full time flight instructor; Private, Commercial, Tail Wheel, Seaplane, Multi-engine, high performance, tail wheel, and complex aircraft along with PCATD training.

Lead pilot for Clearwater Potlach Timber Protection Association, flying daily summer fire patrol over a million acres. Headquarters, Stocking Meadows, Elk River, and Big Island.

BFR, Tail wheel in C-185 and Super Cub Four back country airports in the Clearwater Forest


Jim Hudson



I’ve had a passion to fly since I was a kid, building and crashing model planes, pretending and fanaticizing that I was an airline pilot. I started pursuing my “dream” at a later stage in life after my kids left the next, and never made the airlines. After earning my private certification, I found that I wanted to pursue flying the Idaho backcountry (to support my other interest, fishing). I’ve taken three back-country clinics and have 19 years and 1500 hours flying into many of the Idaho backcountry strips. 

My interest in instruction began when my job as an engineer at HP was “downsized,” which gave me the opportunity to pursue this “retirement” career. 

I have been flying for 23 years, with 3550 total hours. Instructing 16 years and 2400 hours, mostly primary students and backcountry instruction. 

I was awarded the 2019 Distinguished CFI for AOPA Flight Experience Training Awards, 102 nationwide out of 2000 applicants surveyed. 

I’ve presented 12 “Peaks to Pavement” Backcountry Seminars for AOPA Air Safety this year, reaching 1650 attendees, mostly pilots. 

I’m also the Membership Director for T-Craft Aero Club in Nampa, Idaho. AOPA featured our club in the October 201 Club Connector feature on backcountry flying. 

I volunteer for Angel Flight West and was the Idaho Wing Leader 2003-2007. 

I have flown in the ACE program almost every year since 2000.

Barry "Bdog' Hancock, Utah


Barry Hancock Founder/Chief Pilot Pilot Makers Advanced Flight Academy CFI/CFI-A/MEI -  Barry has been instructing in high performance aircraft for over 15 years and has amassed nearly 5000 hours in that time.  His first experience instructing was as a warbird formation instructor.  As someone who has always enjoyed flying vintage tailwheel aircraft and been interested in improving safety, Barry founded Pilot Makers to bring back the fundamental skills that are required to safely overcome emergency Loss Of Control Inflight situations - an art and science that is largely untaught in today’s training environment.  Hancock is an active air show pilot in the T-6 and competition aerobatic pilot and coach. He spends much of his time upside down with students teaching them both the joy and skills of Upset Recovery, Spins, and Aerobatics.  Additionally, he serves on the Safety Board, is a Check Pilot, and is head of all formation training for the Commemorative Air Force in the US.  He is also a contract corporate pilot flying the world’s fastest business jet, the Citation X. Barry has flown nearly 40 different aircraft types and stays current in a variety of aircraft including the North American T-6, Extra 300, Pitts, Baron, Beech 18, Super Decathlon, Cessna 172/182, Bristell NG5, Grumman TBM Avenger and P-51 Mustang.  He and his wife Michelle reside in Lindon with 6 appropriately troublesome children. 

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Watch for the addition of instructors