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WWaa June 26-30, 2019 Symposium


 WWaa summer women's aviation event utilizes a POSITIVE approach to lift confidence and overall life-flight proficiency.  With a feel of a summer camp for women,  fun, tailored adventures, and women's way of learning are central. We excel when in our element. Meet women who also thrive in that element. Kindred spirits are  usually hard to find...but not at WWaa. Women-specific flight instruction works from the inside out.

WWaa September 25 -29, 2019 Symposium


Autumn version of the five day women's aviation learning adventure that utilizes a POSITIVE approach to confidence and proficiency building. This event is centered on fun, connection, and women's way of learning. We excel when in our element. Thrive with women-specific flight instruction.

July & August FOCUS Events


FOCUS sessions are shorter and offer one fight option to immerse compared with the Main events that offer a smorgasbord of flight choices. Enjoy a floatplane splashdown during the warm days of JULY on Priest Lake in north Idaho. In August we go HIGHER  to Steamboat Springs, Colorado for the ultimate high mountain checkout along the continental divide. Women-specific flight instruction brings women pilots higher confidence.

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WWaa is a unique approach for women at any level of flight training/career to boost CONFIDENCE and skills the adventure-learning way, including never-evers, student pilots, low time, high time, career pilots, rusty pilots, and CFIs. WWaa's positive approach focuses on achieving balance and meaning between Life and Flight. It is effective, fun, and lasting. Enjoy women-specific flight instruction.

FIRST EVER Woman Wise Aviation Adventures 2011 below

This was my first event held at Smiley Creek, Idaho (U87).  Who knew women-specific flight instruction would explode this far!